The KPete Mystique

I ... am the most Basketball shootin'est,
Lady Lovin'est,
Chick Flick Watchin'est,
Kool Aid Smile Sportin'est,
Good Time Searchin'est,
Cartoon Enjoyin'est,
Wandering Mind Havin'est,
Random Adventure Takin'est,
Carpe Diem Livin'est,
iPhone Usin'est,
Creative Thinkin'est,
Omelette Cookin'est,
Shark Bait Avoidin'est,
Perfect Pushup Abusin'est,
Most Interestin'est,
20 year old you'll ever meet. To truly know me, is to interact with me.
Don't hesitate to communicate ;)

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I took a mean hiatus. Lol.

The last percent of my iPhone used to be like Tony Montana at the end of Scarface. Now it’s like a black guy in a horror film.